Accessibility, simplicity, versatility


MECANUMERIC offers a new generation of CNC machines acclaimed by the industrial world. Its position is widely recognized in the following markets: rapid prototyping, signs, models and design, various 3D machining and engraving.

The manufacture of mechanical components requires a wide range of concepts and types of machine tools. Through its extensive range of CNC machine centers specialized in milling and cutting, MECANUMERIC provides the appropriate technical solution for each application.

In response to a significant range of needs, MECANUMERIC pursues the objective to boost the efficiency of your machine tools with high precision mechanical components.

The rigor and precision of the machine tools are available in a range where versatility and simplicity combine to optimum profitability:

- 3-axis milling equipment
- 4 axis milling machine
- 5 axis milling machining centers
- Water jet cutting
- Laser cutting
- Shooting Equipment
- Thermoforming Equipment / Ovens
- Accessories and consumables

MECANUMERIC ensures monitoring and maintenance of all its products.


MECANUMERIC expands its presence in Europe (sept. 2017)

From September 2017, MECANUMERIC structures its presence in Europe around five geographical hubs.

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MECANUMERIC designed a new line of water jet cutting machines for industry with the new MECAJET and NEOJET (sept. 2017)

MECANUMERIC designed a new line of water jet cutting machines for industry with the new MECAJET and NEOJET.

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Following its successfull participation in the Balttechnika exhibition held in Lithuania last May, MÉCANUMÉRIC continues to pursue its offensive in the Baltic lands and will participate to Tech Industry in Latvia from 30 November to 02 December 2017.

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An improved usability thanks to the soundproofing box (oct. 2017)

To help its customers improve the working conditions of their operators, MÉCANUMÉRIC now offers a new option meant to reduce the noise generated by the pumps fitted on the MECAPRO machines.

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MÉCANUMÉRIC is continuing its development plan (nov. 2017)

After reorganizing its capital structure in 2016, the company is advancing on its next project : the relocating of its head office and production activities on the area Eco2Rieumas at Marssac-sur-Tarn, right next to Albi, with a privileged access to the A68 highway and to Toulouse.

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Adaptive suction nose for MÉCANUMÉRIC milling machines (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC engineers and technicians teams have designed a new automatic system to keep a constant position between the suction nose and the material.

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Opening of a new subsidiary in the coming weeks (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC finalizes the necessary procedures for the opening of its next subsidiary in the Baltic countries. This action being part of its development plan initiated in 2016.

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BPI France chose MÉCANUMÉRIC for its program « Accélérateur PME » (SME Accelerator) (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC has just been selected to integrate the 4th promotion of the « Accélérateur PME » (SME accelerator) program by BPI France.

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A very positive result after the BLECHEXPO exhibition (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC enhances its positioning on the water jet cutting technologies with the presentation of the new MECAJET II on the BLECHEXPO exhibition held in Stuttgart from 07 to 10 November.

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Mecanumeric, manufacturer of professional industrial cutting machines, ensures high precision machine tools, as well as monitoring and maintenance of its milling equipments, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, shooting machines, thermoforming ovens.