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MDA : A water jet cutting equipment range fully adapted to food cutting
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MDA : A water jet cutting equipment range fully adapted to food cutting

This new product range allows the cutting of food products such as pastries, fish, catering products, sandwiches…

Based on a welded mono bloc frame and a mobile gantry in stainless steel, respecting the sanitary constraints of the food industry, the MDA offers a mobile table for a loading and unloading in concealed time.

The very high pressure KMT H2O generator unit is integrated in the equipment or removable.
The implemented technologies originating from the precision mechanics guarantee the longevity and the performances in the long time.

The driving is realized by the MECANUMERIC CN7100 numerical control with Human Machine Interface (HMI), color touch screen, under Windows XP Pro, USB connections, Ethernet and Internet connections for the remote maintenance.

This equipment is in conformity with the food security and health rules. Their main advantage is the absence of blade. Cutting is done without any contact with the product. Moreover, it is easy to control the contact water, which decreases the bacteriological risks. The water jet cutting also brings a big flexibility in the variety of the food
products and forms to be cut. From fresh products to frozen products, we have various applications : meat transformation (frozen fish, croquettes, or chicken bits, etc…), vegetable slicing (celery, mushrooms
etc…), industrial pastry portions…

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Mecanumeric MDA waterjet cutting machine for agribusiness applications. The technologies are derived from the mechanical precision and guarantee durability and performance over time. The control of the water jet cutting machine is made by CNC MECANUMERIC CN 7100 with Human Machine Interface (HMI) with color touch screen, with USB connections, Ethernet and Internet for remote maintenance. Complies with regulations related to food safety and hygiene, the main advantage of water jet cutting machine is the absence of blade, cutting is being done with no product contact.